Address: Shirsad Ambadi Road, Chandip, Thane Reservation Line: 9922444956

Blue Rays Discotheque

So the experiences you can have at Blue Rays are varied. You could be turned away right at the door for not being dressed appropriately or for being a group of stags; you could get in and have yourself some pricey but yummy cocktails -- like the Didaiqtri made with Dewar's, apricot brandy, apple juice and Assam tea -- and some fun dancing; you could stay late, turn on your Wi-Fi and connect to questionable ladies of the night.

Special mention for the seriously happy bartender, who takes requests for impromptu cocktails that aren't on the menu, even when the bar is packed. And by packed, we mean packed.


  1. 15 % discount on Birthday and Anniversary
  2. Special Discounts for Groups
  3. Available for special Event booking from 10.00 am till 8.00 pm

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